Doug Wharton Photography

Just a little about the guy behind the camera…

The journey began for me on the west coast in high school where my dad gave me his Argus twin-lens film camera. While in college I earned a living taking and selling pictures for Cajon Speedway. Then, close to twenty years, I owned and operated a commercial photo lab building strong skill sets managing and understanding film and print processing for commercial photographers. I have been applying all I learned to my camera and then a whole lot more to making my own pictures.

Now, it's about how I look at our world. I spend much of my free time in the outdoors, capturing the natural beauty of landscapes and whatever I discovers along the way... these techniques are my paths of self discovery. I love bold colors, yet at time, subdude colors to create a mood in my images to reinforce the message I want to convey.

Finding the light and catching the moment tells the story in the whimsical world we live in. As I click the camera's shutter, confirmation of the digital creation process has happened. Skills in post-processing is a tool just to enhance my work.

I love working in color and in black and white digital images. I intend for the images to be expressive and timeless using natural light, as often as I can, which lends itself to stimulating my craft. My goal in my portraiture is to capture the true spirit and fresh, natural beauty in each person. Each image must capture their personalities and tell their story evoking emotion.

My wife, Nancy, and I live in and are infatuated by the natural beauty of the Ozarks. We love hiking trails in all of our beautiful seasons. It's a priority to see on our children and grandchildren which live on both the west and east coast of this grand nation. We try our best to recycle, eat right taking care of what God has entrusted to us, and be generally good to the earth.

So here I am clicking away discovering God's beautiful world around us... I hope to see you out there.
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